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Heat pumps


Heat pumps perform the heating of domestic hot water. They are easy to install and have very good efficiency, it's a huge advantage in terms of savings of electricity and gas.

Thermodynamic solar panels


They use the same operating principle as heat pumps. The exposure of one or more thermodynamic panels to the environment, depending on atmospheric conditions, translates into a significant increase in COP (Coefficient Of Performance).

Thermal solar panels


The simplest way to take advantage of what Nature gives us. The solar panels heat the sanitary waters with the radiation obtained from the sun, accumulating this energy in the form of hot water so that it is available even in the absence of sun. They need electrical support to complement the heating in the absence of sufficient solar radiation.

Vaccum tubes


Also thanks to solar radiation, the vacuum tubes can extract a lot of energy from the sun.

Pellets equipment


These devices work by combustion of pellets and take advantage of this energy for the heating of sanitary waters and central heating.

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